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Hey guys, I made this tumblr to post color Taylor’s edits. Follow please!! Thank u <3

Happy Birthday Taylor Momsen! (July 26th, 1993)

Happy Birthday, Taylor Michel Momsen!

You can’t face the world if you’re not being you.

Happy Birthday Taylor Momsen!!!(July 26,1993)
i think the problem with the new era is that shes trying to be somethings shes not


yeah i’d agree although maybe shes just grown up bc really we arent her and we dont know her personally so we can never rlly say! i think shes pretending she doesnt care about her look ie same outfit for all the shows and i think shes trying to ‘dress’ and ‘act’ more rock. i think she thinks she has something to prove? and i also think shes trying to appeal to people who didnt take her seriously when she was a teenage girl in lingerie. which is a serious shame idk 


One foot in the cradle, one in the grave.